Thats Why I...Love...This...Town

It takes a LOT to ruin a song by Bon Jovi for me.

A LOT. And the TBS coverage of the MLB playoffs, no matter how good it has been, has almost ruined I Love This Town, regardless of whether or not JBJ is the master of all he surveys.

Regardless, I do love San Jose/Santa Clara, CA, the town where I grew up, and I'm headed back there this weekend. Tomorrow night, to be exact.

That building in the picture is HP Pavilion. I grew up there. Well, not literally. My parents provided me with an actual home, but I spent enough time going to San Jose Sharks games there during my youth that the barn has basically become an ad hoc second home.

Regardless, I haven't been there for a hockey game in two long years. And I'll be making my reappearance for this Saturday's Sharks/Flyers game.

This entire backstory is basically my message to you, loyal reader, that my posts might be few and far between between Thursday and Sunday nights. I'll be back in full form on Monday the 20th. Maybe I'll even post some pictures of my foray back to the Shark Tank.

And if you just can't get enough of I Love This Town, here it is:
I Love This Town - Bon Jovi

Or, if you'd rather have it sung to you by a group of baseball legends (oh, and Ernie Johnson), here you go.

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