Pacman Fever

The Pacman name may have been left in the dust this season, but the image and persona obviously never was.

It all came to a head...again...this morning as NFL commish Roger Goodell announced that he's suspending the Cowboys corner indefinitely...which means he'll at least miss four games.

This, of course, comes after Jones missed all of 2007 due to repeated violations of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

Enough is enough now. It's obvious to me that Jones doesn't grasp the idea or is mature enough to handle the responsibilities of being a professional football player. Knowing Goodell's track record, this will probably be the end.

I'm not going to be surprised when Jones is suspended for another year...two years...or even kicked out of the NFL entirely.

This all of course spawns from an incident at a Dallas hotel last Wednesday in which he reportedly scuffled with his personal babysitter bodyguard guy who followed Pacman around to make sure he didn’t screw up. They fought, trashed a bathroom and left without paying their bar tab...leading to this bizarre and cryptic police report.

If Roger Goodell wants to continue to set his precedent as the toughest sheriff in sports, he'll consider an ultra-long term penalty after his temporary four-gamer expires on November.

In a related story, the Dallas Cowboys will be starting three of their cheerleaders in the absense of Pacman, Tony Romo and Mat McBriar.

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