Domination AND Perfection

Click on the image above to blow it up, and what you'll see is pretty self-explanatory.

With all the incredibly knowledgeable sports personalities on this station, sometimes we need to keep them in check.

And that's exactly what I, the assistant program director of this here radio station, and Angel, our program director, did during Week 7 of The Fan AM 1060's Fan Pick'em.

As you'll see, both of us went 11-3. And not only did we completely clean up (Manuch tied us at 11-3 as well, but this is all about me here)...Angel and I both predicted that last night's Broncos/Patriots debacle would put up 48 points.

Take that!

More importantly, the huge week vaulted me into a tie with Kevin McCabe, who went a paltry...pfft...10-4. Weak.


As we all know, it's my sole mission this season to finish ahead of McCabe in the standings, and I'm one step closer to that goal!

By the way...little known fact...tried Googling the McCabe name this morning in the Image Search, and a photo of the REAL K-Mac doesn't come up for 9 PAGES! Before our midday host's mug even pops up, you get images of a Kevin McCabe who runs the Sheffield United soccer club, a Kevin McCabe who is the Deputy Chief of Police in Albuquerque, NM, self-professed "dumbass" Charles Barkley and Hope Solo.

Ed. Note: The only purpose of that last paragraph was to sneak a picture of Hope Solo into this blog.)

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