The ESPNU Trifecta

It's back again. Three more less-than-stellar matchups on The U to keep you entertained during commercial breaks of other games!

It's ACC-heavy for your first two of the Trifecta, and the third one...well...at least it's not Duke.

Game 1, 9:00 AM: Wake Forest at Miami
Oh boy. We already went through why we don't like Miami here on BTS last week when they went to (and stomped on) the Blue Devils. This week, we get to see them play Wake Forest, who was a trendy pick to go to the ACC title game before Maryland took them out to the woodshed and shut them out.

Game 2, 12:30 PM: Virginia at #18 Georgia Tech
Slightly easier to swallow seeing as that it includes a top-25 team and Virginia is apparently a little better than we all expected. However, if you like any shred of a passing game, then forget this one. Georgia Tech has settled into their Triple Option offense and I couldn't even tell you who the Cavaliers starter is without looking it up. It used to be Peter Lalich, but then he got kicked out of school, and no, not for losing 52-7 to USC.

Game 3, 4:00 PM: Middle Tennessee State at Mississippi State
This one has no bearing on anything. Period. Unless you like watching teams get Croomed! MTSU isn't even a factor in the Sun Belt (the Sun Belt! The Sun Belt with THIS team!) Mississippi State was a nice story last season and they did upset Vanderbilt at home a few weeks ago, but it doesn't make this game any more palatable.

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