The hockey dork came out in me today.

One of my favorite hockey players of the current era is Jarome Iginla. Despite the fact that I despise the Calgary Flames (the reasons for which could be a completely different blog), I love the way that Iginla plays the game. He's a tremendous leader, he's gritty, got scoring touch and plays the game with class and respects the history of the NHL.

At the same time, former Flame Hakan Loob has the greatest name in the history of the NHL, for obvious reasons.

One of the only things that links these two together is that Loob, who played for the Flames during their only Stanley Cup run in 1989, and Iginla, who lost a Cup Final in 2004, both wear #12.

Which prompted this letter to ESPN's John Buccigross in his weekly column:

Wish I had my camera at the Saddledome last weekend so I could have taken a picture and sent it to you. A fan was wearing an old-school Flames No. 12 jersey with "IGINLOOB" on the back.

God, how I wish I could have seen that. But thanks to the magic of the internet, this is what I assume it looked like:


walkinvisible said...

i've seen that jersey. you got it really close, except it's not a current jersey, it's the 2003-2006 original black flaming C jersey...

no point, really, other than i'm a loser who also thinks "iginloob" is genius.

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